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New 4-capsule Flowchucks


If you know anything about flow props, you know FlowToys is known for it's consistent quality and durability. You can rest easy when making mistakes knowing they can take a knock and have a lifetime warranty if anything unthinkable happens.

    flowchucks: 4-flowlight



Unmatched customer service.  Any question or concern that may come up, FlowToys has proven time and time again they'll get it addressed and fast.  Don't settle for for sub-par when it comes to your props or the quality of their support.


Many Mode Options

Modes are adjustable by either color, speed, brightness or pattern. Each capsules features 12 superbright RGB leds, an easy to understand 1-button interface with many modes ranging from awesome trails to gorgeous mood lighting, even has kinetic awareness. Read More


Built to last through many practices and performances, the nunchucks are made of practically indestructible polycarbonate tubing with silicone "flowcap" endcaps, and a strong connector. Read More
composite staffs

Composite System

These modular nunchucks are part of a Composite System which allows you to use the lights for use in other props as well saving you money. Read More